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APL Engineered Materials
APL Engineered Materials is the world’s leader in ultra-pure materials for discharge lamp manufacturing. Located in Urbana, Ill., the company’s technology is applied to salts and precision metal pieces for metal halide(MH) lamps, amalgams for high-pressure sodium lamps, zinc-mercury amalgams for fluorescent lamps.


Formerly Anderson Physics Laboratory, APL was created in 1944 by Dr. Scott Anderson to perform experimental research in molecular physics. In the late 1950s, the company’s materials for purifying alkali MHs were proven superior to all commercially available methods and used in crystal growth, molten salt electrochemistry and color center research.

Later, APL pioneered the development of high-purity anhydrous iodides of precise sizes for the discharge industry, dramatically improving MH lamp performance and making possible the development of high-speed dosing and manufacturing equipment. In 1971, these concepts were extended to include sodium-mercury amalgam spheres for high-pressure sodium lamps and, within the last 10 years, have been applied to zinc-mercury amalgam spheres for fluorescent lamps.

The company’s products hold many benefits for other ADLT companies. APL aids in improving Venture’s existing MH lamp performance and makes it possible to develop new ones. APL’s unique capabilities include combining two or more components into a single sphere, permitting single sphere doses of uniform composition and mass, with minimal sphere-to-sphere or lamp-to-lamp variation. The company also created barium peroxide getters for extending lamp life.

Since becoming a part of ADLT in 1983, APL has made significant contributions to the improvement of existing lighting products and the invention of new ones. The majority of metal halide and high pressure sodium lamp manufacturers throughout the world buy their chemicals from APL.

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